The power of the heart

We look around us and see that the natural world is full of violence: animals eating animals, plants living at the expenses of other plants, elements raging. We look around us and see that in the heart of Man there exist envy, malice, will of overpowering, lack of feelings, and indifference toward one's own as well as the others' suffering. But, never do we put the two worlds, the natural and the human, into relationship. Never do we think that we are actually able to flood the whole reality with our own disquiet. Never do we realize that the sun burns, the rivers overflow, the famine rules, the living beings fight, and death stands among them precisely because the same thing happens within us.

From Italian from Grazia Cavasino, Xhalan L. Xerhon, Metafisica dell'esistenza. Volume 1: Dietro la realtà [Metaphysics of Existence, I: Behind Reality], ch. 4
YouCanPrint, 2019

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